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Our Programs Baseball Archives, Lesson Plans and Speaking Engagements

From Marty Lurie’s personal baseball archives come American Innings’ programs that teach American history through the eyes of baseball.

American Innings’ program lineup includes an integrated array of online, school-based and live content designed to educate and delight both adults and youth. Our programs capture, curate and place in historical context the voices and stories of baseball’s heroes of yesteryear, superstars of today, front-office staff, coaches, ticket-takers and everyday fans.

Baseball Archives

The heart of our program lineup is the collection of baseball stories we’ve selected for you from Marty’s vast baseball archives. With audio interviews and video vignettes, and more content always being added, we hope you will enjoy learning more about U.S. history through the perspective of the game of baseball.

Visit our Baseball Stories page to learn more.


History Curriculum

On deck are our educational programs and history lesson plans for school-aged youth. Using Marty’s 4,000 hours of recorded radio interviews, Memories of the Game, This Day in Baseball History and raw interviews as a basis for the curriculum, and in collaboration with respected history faculty and other educators, American Innings aims to engage youth in the study of history through this unique approach to the subject. Because all major events in American history and society invariably played out in baseball, learning American history through the game of baseball serves as an exciting way to catch the attention of avid students and reticent learners alike.

We can’t wait to throw out the first pitch for this game-changing approach to history. To receive updates about our history curriculum and history lesson plans, please contact us.


Speaking Engagements

To round out our program lineup, American Innings offers speaking engagements. Marty, a seasoned and captivating motivational speaker, engages audiences on the intertwined and intriguing connection between baseball and American history. Perfect for community organizations, youth baseball programs, groups associated with spring training events or other tours and trips, and more, Marty’s approachable and genuine nature enchants all.

We look forward to taking your group on a journey through history, through the lens of America’s favorite pastime. To learn more about Marty’s speaking engagement availability, please contact us.

For more information on our baseball archives or any of our programs, please contact us.

“Through his American Innings project, Marty Lurie’s vast collection of interviews with players and others associated with Major League Baseball come to life as we learn about the parallel paths over the years of our National Pastime and key moments in our nation’s history.”

Mario Alioto, Executive Vice President, Baseball Operations, SF Giants

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